Beer Palma: the pleasure of beer


At the end of April and first of May (approximately) it’s celebrating “Beer Palma” every year, a fair where you can taste more than 100 kind of beers and tapas.

The fair is celebrated each year in a privilege place… in Parque del Mar, in the base of the Cathedral.

Beers and tapas stands are opened since 11am to 22pm within week, to 23pm during weekend.

Seeing the day goes down, on the feet of the Cathedral, tasting a wonderful beer and amazing tapa, meanwhile you are having a good conversation with music background, that’s worth it.

Let me give you a recommendation: go for a walk in D’alt Murada (over the walls), where you can take outstanding photos of the fair, the people and the whole bay of Palma.


Beer Palma is normally celebrated since last week of April to middle of May. Visit the official web on:

How to get?

On the base of the Cathedral, in Parque del Mar. By the sea.

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