Bellavista cove


Within the same urbanization naming it we can find a little cove made of stones and crystal clear water which is usually frequented by the local residents.

Now that we are not yet in the middle of the summer you can easily find some place for your towel, apart from sunbathing and taking a dip practically alone, with the further advantage of not getting dirty with sand.

The cove is small, and there are not stores, nor bars nor hotels in the nearby. There is just an apartment building on the right part of the cove.

It’s the perfect spot to go to read, sunbathe and take a tip without the stress of the big beaches.

How to get there?

Bellavista Cove is located within the Bellavista Urbanization. If you leave from Palma then you must take the freeway from Llucmajor (Ma-19), take the exit number 13 and then follow the indications up to reach Blava Cove. Bellavista is next to Blava Cove.

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