Bellver Castle


From the top, in silence, as a guard of Palma city, Bellver Castle, also known as Castell de Bellver is watching us since the XIV century, with its four towers and its structure with the shape of a circle as symbol of an open city to the Mediterranean see

When you go to Palma by sea and come into port, you can see the castle crowning the whole Palma bay, waiting for the ships to dock at its feet.

The castle is surrounded by a forest (Bellver forest), which is perfect to go for a walk with the family, the children, your couple…or on your own as well.

You can also access the inside of the Castle; visit its rooms and even get up to the upper part where you´ll be able to enjoy the lovely sights of both the whole bay and city.

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How to get there?

You can get to the Castle by your car, but you should also take into account that the public parking is very limited and likely you won´t find room for you.

My advice would be that, if you decide to go by car, you better park it at the streets you´ll find before getting into the facilities of the Castle, around the area of Son Armadams and get up by foot, taking a stroll and enjoying the outdoors

If you want to go by public transport you´ll have to take the bus of the EMT (line 3)

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