Route-walking from Manacor to Artà


One of my favorite places to do exercise is Vía Verda (scenic route), from Manacor to Artà. It’s a great walk which starts in Manacor and crosses beautiful fields of Llevant de Mallorca (east of Mallorca), passing by Sant Llorenç town and then arriving to Artà.  

There are 29 Km of walk, where you can walk, run or ride a bike. You can start where you like and come back when you are already tired.

I suggest you to go when the day is about go down in the evening, because you can enjoy an amazing sunset meanwhile you are doing exercise, without any car around and enjoying the nature and breathing fresh air.

This path, or Via Verda, was about to be the train rails, which was going to link Manacor with Artà, but the crisis came and the Government hasn’t money to go on with this project and they had to adapt it and made into a scenic route. I consider it was a good idea.

Nearby hotels

If you want to stay near Via Verda of Manacor, these are the best hotels in the area:

How to get there?

If you start in Manacor, you have to go towards Madrid Square, there you will see a sign of Via Verda, next to Eroski supermarket. If you start in Artà you will have to go towards the old train station. Enjoy it!

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