The Cathedral of Mallorca at night


The cathedral of Mallorca is based by the Mediterranean sea and you can see the whole bay of Palma.

I love particularly walking in the Parc de la Mar (Sea Park) or in the Moll Vell (Old dock) and take a lot of photos from all the positions. Because of the cathedral is so beauty, I have to take a photo of it every time I pass next to it.

But there is something better, taking photos from cathedral in the night. When the sun is hiding and the sky blows up in colors, and the light from the cathedral is turning on, the beauty is increased.

Both you live in Mallorca or you are here to make a visit, I suggest you to recharge your camera battery and go to see a wonderful sunset in Parc del Mar, where you can get, without a doubt,  the best photos of Palma.

Nearby hotels

If you want to stay near Cathedral of Mallorca, these are the best hotels in the area:

How to get there?

The cathedral of Mallorca is situated in town. On the top of Parc de la Mar. There you can see the whole bay of Palma. Arriving by boat to the city is very wonderful seeing how the cathedral is dominant over the bay, meanwhile the boat is coming into the port.

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