The cathedral terraces in Palma


I had the pleasure to visit the Cathedral of Palma terraces. That magnificent cathedral erected by the bay of Palma and built it since the XIII century.

The terraces are situated on the top of the Cathedral and go around it completely.

For accessing them you have to go up previously 137 steps in a spiral stair, stopping in the middle of the way to visit the Bells room. From there you access to the first level of the terraces.  There, we can already see the outstanding view of the city of Palma, with historical buildings of old town and a lot of bells towers .

Contemplating closer how the semi-arcs of the top structure is built and looking at many of the little details of the structure is an amazing experience.

we keep going up and, finally, we get to the highest, where the views are astonishing. There we can see the sea, the whole bay, Parque del mar and the whole city and beyond.

If you are resident you can access free on Saturdays, but you need to book it previously on the official web of the Cathedral.  If you are a tourist you can buy your ticket (12 €) on the same web as well.

How to get?

The cathedral of Mallorca is situated in Palma, in old center, on the top of Parque del mar. You can see it from the whole bay. If you get to Mallorca on boat, it’s a wonderful experience seeing how the cathedral is dominant over the city, meanwhile the boat is going into the port.

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